Product Targeting

Product Targeting Feature

Product Targeting is a functionality that allows displaying the Free Shipping Popup only when a specific product has been added to the shopping cart. It is a part of the Geolocation Targeting feature and is available starting from the Targeting subscription plan.
When the Geolocation Targeting functionality is enabled, the shop's shipping zones with a free shipping rate are automatically synchronized with the Free Shipping Popup application. They are displayed under the Geolocation Targeting section. 

Here is an example:

Product Targeting Rules

Product targeting rules are not set automatically and all products are targeted by default. To configure a product targeting rule, it is necessary to click on the link nearby a rule name. There are 3 product-based rules the Free Shipping Popup can be targeted:

1. Products
In that case, the popup will be shown for all the selected products. 

2.  Manual Collections

The Free Shipping Popup will be displayed when any of the products related to the selected collections are added to the shopping cart.

3. Automated Collections

It behaves the same way as the Manual Collections but only considers Automated Collections.

⚠️  IMPORTANT NOTE: all these 3 options work simultaneously, i.e. Products AND Manual Collections AND Automated Collections. It means, for example, if you want to enable the popup only for particular products, you need to make sure collection options are not selected.

Edge Cases

1. Multiple shipping zones with the same countries and products

There can be a situation when there are multiple shipping zones with the same target countries and configured products but different free shipping goals. For example,

in the case above, the same product is targeted for 3 zones (Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3) with different free shipping goals: $0.00, $50.00, and $70.00. If so, the highest free shipping goal will be used for the selected product ($70.00 in that example).

2. Multiple shipping zones in the same countries

There are several zones in the United States in the example above. These zones have different free shipping goals. Multiple products are targeted for these zones. If the user adds different products related to various shipping zones to their shopping cart, the highest free shipping goal is used.

For instance,
1. The user has an empty shopping cart and adds the product related to the Zone 1. 
2. The $0.00 free shipping goal is used and the final free shipping popup is shown.
3. Then the user adds one more product from the Zone 2.
4. The $50.00 free shipping goal is set.
5. If the total shopping cart amount is more than $50.00, nothing will happen because the final popup has been already shown and the user is informed about the free shipping. Otherwise, the popup with the free shipping amount left information is displayed.
6. If the user adds another product from the Zone 3, the same logic is applied (steps 4 and 5) but for the $70.00 free shipping goal.
7. If the user removes the product from the shopping cart related to the Zone 3, steps 4 and 5 are applied again.