1. Do I need to do anything specific to install the app in my shop?

Nope, everything is done automatically. Just configure your popup and enable it.

2. How to make a popup that perfectly matches my store?

You can choose an appropriate theme, configure colors, fonts, and content of your popup. Please, check our guide for additional information.

3. Can I change the text to use my language?

The popup is almost completely customizable. Use your language and style. Learn more about all possible customizations in a separate article.

4. How can I enable Free Shipping for my store?

There are a few different ways how you can set up free shipping from the Shipping settings page in your Shopify admin. Please, have a look at a related article

5. Do you modify my store theme template?

No, we use ScriptTag which lets us add functionality to your shop without using theme templates.

6. How can I properly uninstall the app?

You can simply uninstall the app from your Shopify admin. After clicking the Uninstall button you don't have to do anything else. We don't inject any additional code into your store theme template. ScriptTag allows us to install and uninstall everything automatically. Thus, you can simply remove the app and everything will be cleaned up without any external actions.

7. Will my popup work on various devices and in different browsers?
Yes, the popup should work well on all devices and in all modern browsers. Before every release, we test the popup thoroughly. Tests are performed using services like https://www.browserstack.com and https://crossbrowsertesting.com as well as our own devices.
However, we are people just like you and we may make mistakes sometimes. There may be edge cases too. If you find any problems with the popup we encourage you to message us. Our team will make sure to fix them ASAP.
8. My Free Shipping Goal is equal to zero. Why the first popup isn't shown?
The first popup is intended to tell your customers how much more they need to spend to get free shipping. If you provide free shipping for any order amount then only the second popup is shown to tell them they got free shipping.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us 😉